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Atlantis Consulting Cyprus Ltd was founded in 2000 as a member of the ATLANTIS group. The mother company is based in Thessoloniki Greece and is represented also with offices in Athens, Patra and Crete. The group also includes ATLANTIS Engineering SA. The group employs a total of 75 permanent staff and over 100 permanent associates.

The Company offers services and support to the public and private sectors in the fields of environmental licensing and management, securing and managing EU and National funds and business planning. In addition it provides services to the Cypriot and EU public sector for the assessment of programmes and projects, technoeconomic studies and environmental management.

ATLANTIS Consulting Cyprus ltd has had an especially successful activity characterized by the development of innovative projects and services and continuous expansion of its activities. Its services concentrate on supporting clients with environmental management and environmental legal compliance, and in helping clients implement business development and investments plans through the absorption of national and EU funds.

Atlantis expertise and innovative activity has traditionally been correlated to the implementation of highly complex and innovative projects funded by EU programs such as FP7, Eureka, LIFE, INCO and Leonardo da Vinci.

ATLANTIS takes pride in the fact that it has designed and implemented a number of exceptionally sophisticated and innovative ventures, which has contributed to developing state of the art infrastructure and know-how within the company and has also promoted god environmental practice at a National Level.

A large portion of the company’s activities involves the support of client organizations in the development and submission of proposals for funding under EU and National calls for proposals. This range of services includes the design of investments and projects, the elaboration and submission of proposals and the management of funded ventures. Other Management Consulting Services include ISO certification (9001, 14000, EMAS) and the preparation of Business Plans and Feasibility Studies.

At present ATLANTIS Consulting Cyprus brandishes a staff of 11 in a range of fields such as Environmental Science, Ecology, Geology, Civil Engineering Environmental, Chemical engineering and Business Management. Empowered by its excellent reputation, state of the art technical expertise and its prior history of successful ventures in Cyprus and abroad, the company provides envisions further growth in size and range of activities as well as a gradual geographic expansion into the Balkans, Eastern Europe and the Middle East.

Our strong commitment to our clients and to providing services of the highest quality and standards, constitute our basic philosophy and strength.