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CMAB – Program Area Alto Basento Bradano Camastra

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Rocco Coronato

EU Sr. Project Manager, Director

  • Comunità Montana ALTO BASENTO, Via Maestri del Lavoro, 19 – 85100 Potenza
  • + 39 0971 499202



Comunità Montana Alto Basento, is a territorial association (Public Authority) in a mountain region in the heart of Basilicata. The Mountain Communities were created in 3th December of 1971 and it includes 20 municipalities of the Province of Potenza: Abriola, Acereza, Albano di Lucania, Anzi, Avigliano, Brindisi Montagna, Calvello, Campomaggiore, Cancellara, Castelmezzano, Filiano, Laurenzana, Pietragalla, Pietrapertosa, San Chirico Nuovo, Trivigno, Pignola, Vaglio Basilicata, Oppido Lucano e Tolve.

This Public Authority promoted the Program Area Basento, Bradano, Camastra that is involved also in the transnational activities of the Mountain Community like GRASP (Start 2013) and SEE TCP SAGITTARIUS (Start 2011).

The CMAB was involved in a considerable number of project: 2006-2007 was lead participant of “CULT” subproject, realized in GRIP-IT project, action carried out in INTERREG IIIC East Zone, in cooperation with the town of Jcin (Czech republic). The project wants to promote and stimulate an active participation among local actors, making them act in a systemic and integrated design, in order to increase the competitiveness and appeal of the territory, through the conceiving, definition and design of a territorial management model (TCC) to be realized by project documentation, study-visits, exchange of expertise, experiences and good practices that aim at structuring communication, promotion, operators’ training and positive actions for the development of small entrepreneurship.

2006-2007 it has cooperated in some actions of project “South Via Francigena in Basilicata: a bridge towards Europe on ancient pilgrims traces”, conduct by Basento Camastra Local action group, co-financed by Leader plus programme (Alto Basento is one of the member of the LAG Alto Basento). The aim of this project is to revalue the ancient pilgrims routes which, during medieval centuries, went through the length and breadth of Europe to get the most important places of western Christian spirituality. Besides the cultural rediscovery of European Christian roots this project is interested in a new tourist target, in full expansion. In fact, the idea of covering a territory, alone or in group, by foot or by means of transport, following a common route has growing in all the Europe. 2002-2008 was responsible of an Integrated Territorial Project, which was co-financed by Regional Operative Programme of Basilicata region and was involving 16 (sixteen) local administrations. The aim of this Project was the strengthening of economic condition of area through investment in cultural and environmental heritage and supporting the tourist offer of economic operators. 1994-1999 it has been partner of “Plans and programs for local actions soc. cons. a.r.l.” with which it has developed cooperation initiatives and international partnerships in the field of rural tourism through the communitarian initiative Leader II and partner of Basento-Camastra Local Action Group, with which it has developed international cooperation actions through Leader Plus program (between 2000-2006). In the last years through the Basento-Camastra Local Action Group were financed activities of tourist valorisation of the local rural territory.