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Province of Perugia

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Avv. Bruno Palazzetti

Director of the Department of European Policies and Decentralised Cooperation

  • Provincia di Perugia – P.zza Italia 1, 06124 Perugia, Italy
  • 0039/075-3681300 // Fax. 0039/075-3682453

General description


Provincia di Perugia is a Local Authority instituted in 1860, an intermediate level between the Municipalities and the Umbria Region and it has statutory, organisational, administrative and financial autonomy. It represents the community of the Province, it protects its interests and promotes and coordinates economic, social, civil and cultural development. It is located in the centre of Italy and is the bigger one of the two Provinces of the Umbria Region (about the 70% of the Umbria territory).

Main competences of Body are: Environment and energy, management of educational buildings, civil protection, road conditions, local growth,  education and training, culture and tourism.  Specific skills are in the management of EU projects in several sectors as well as to manage all procurement procedures and ecological criteria in purchsing of products and services with low environmental impact.


The Province of Perugia and the Green Procurement


Since 2008 the Province of Perugia adopted the approach of the Green Public Procurement, by  integrating proper environmental criteria in the procurement procedure to stimulate the eco-market and motivate local industry to innovate. This approach is based on the conviction that greening the procurement process does not only benefit the environment but it also contributes to improving the image of the local government. Taking health and environmental aspects into account when spending public money reflects the general expectations of the citizens, and living up to these expectations would prove the credibility of citizens’ representatives. Therefore the Province started to work on the definition and implementation of a new internal model based on the environmental and social responsibility within its own territory and also based on the reduction of environmental impact of the public body. In 2009 the Province adopted the first Triennial Programme for green public purchasing.

In 2009 also the Macro project called “ Provincia Verde- Green Province- Green Public Procurement” started, involving several stakeholders, public managers and employees and citizens by means of several actions to foresee public procedures to purchase informatics equipment with low environmental impact and fuel saving; actions of practical energetic conservation by the collection and dissemination of good practices of  eco-compatible behaviors amongst public employees.



The department of the European Policies and Decentralised Cooperation


The Department of the European Policies and decentralised cooperation carries out a leading role in the research, management and financial statement of project co-financed by the European Union in the interest of the Body and of those of other local bodies of the territory of the Province of Perugia.

The Department also manages the projects and programmes promoted by the Body in the area of the decentralised cooperation. It boats a strong experience in several European Programme in the area of the Regional Co-operation –such as the Regional programmes in the south mediterranean region (MED ) , South East Europe (SEE),  INTERREG IVC –in the area of Energy – the Intelligent Energy Europe Programme (IEE) (CIP) , in Education and Culture – Life Long Learning Programme (LLP) and social issues(Progress), European Investment Fund (EIF).  It also has a lasting experience in the management of Structural Funds financed projects as POSDRU-FSE Romania, Rural Development Plan Umbria Region EAFRD 2007/2013.