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University of Patras

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Prof. Yorgos J. Stephanedes

Professor and Director of Environmental and Transportation Engineering

  • Department of Civil Engineering – University of Patras 1 Ypatias Str., Panepistimioupolis, Rio, 26500, Patras, Greece
  • +30 2610 996593



The University of Patras was founded in the city of Patras in 1964. Its creation contributed vastly to the decentralization of academic education in Greece. Its University Campus is located 12 km East of Patras, in the area of Rion, covering a flat area of 4.500 acres. It is a self-contained campus with a view over the Gulf of Corinth to the mountains of Central Greece. It is the third largest University in Greece, with 24 Departments and a large number of disciplines, operating 112 laboratories and 14 clinics. It has 21,200 undergraduate and 3,200 graduate students, 754 faculty members, 238 teaching staff, and 481 administrative personnel. The University of Patras has acquired international prominence for pioneering and innovative research in areas such as Environment, Health, Biotechnology, Mechanics, Electronics, Informatics and basic science. A number of its Departments, Laboratories and Clinics have been internationally designated as Centers of Excellence. Together with its educational and research work, the rich cultural activity of the University of Patras is a major attractor for students and faculty alike.

Department of Civil Engineering


The Department of Civil Engineering was founded in 1972, consists of 35 full time faculty members and has an undergraduate student body of about 1200. It operates under the 5-year program and offers the Diploma in Civil Engineering. The Department consists of three Divisions covering the areas of Structural Engineering with 14 faculty members, Geotechnical Engineering and Hydraulic Engineering with 9 faculty, and Environmental Engineering and Transportation Engineering with 12 faculty. The Department operates 8 Laboratories for teaching and research. These are the Structural Engineering, Structural Materials, Geotechnical Engineering, Hydraulic Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Transportation Engineering, Architectural Technology & Spatial Planning, and Surveying Laboratories. It has a Computer Center providing computing facilities primarily for undergraduate education. Computational facilities for research are attached to each of the eight Laboratories. The Department is responsible for graduate education leading to the degrees of Master of Civil Engineering and Doctor of Civil Engineering through a comprehensive graduate studies program.