GReen procurement And Smart city suPport in the energy sector

    GRASP is a Med Programme Project’s and its aim is to increase the potential of MED Smart cities in organizing and developing Smart and Green e-Procurement processes with a focus on renewable energy sources and energy efficient solutions.





Project GRASP “GReen procurement And Smart city suPport in the energy sector” of the MED programme is funded by national funding agencies, participating entities, and the European Commission through ERDF. It is a 27-month project with a budget of EUR 2.234.991 (ERDF co-financing: EUR 1.474.203, IPA co-financing: EUR 256.700 and National public co-financing: EUR 504.088).

The objective of GRASP is to increase the potential of MED Smart cities in organizing and developing Smart and Green e-Procurement processes with a focus on renewable energy sources and energy efficient solutions. The development of an advanced green transnational procurement system will empower the cooperation between the MED public administrations and SMEs involved in adopting innovative solutions in the energy sector while enabling them to better meet their carbon reduction commitments by 2020.


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